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San Francisco Wheel Alignment

At B & W Service Center, we can provide wheel alignment services for all year, make and model cars. Whether you are driving a Hybrid, SUV, pickup or performance car the tire technology will be almost identical. The wheel alignment process is almost identical for each as well. What will vary will be the process of adjusting the toe and camber distances based on the suspension design of the vehicle.

Proper wheel alignment means that the tires are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other on axis sets. This means that both front tires are read as one set, and both rear tires are seen as another. Each side has its own axis as well, so the left front tire will correspond to the left rear tire. Keeping the wheel alignment measurements between the sets and in each relationship correct has many benefits for your vehicle. It can extend the life of your tires, preserve your gas mileage and sustain the performance steering ability of your vehicle. At B & W Service Center in San Francisco, we know that for all the advantages offered by proper wheel alignment, the problems bad alignment can cause can quickly become severe and expensive to repair.

Call and make an appointment today for a wheel alignment at B & W Service Center. We will help you maximize the benefits of good alignment while avoiding expensive repairs. We are conveniently located in San Francisco and our extended service hours make it easy for you to find the appointment that can fit your schedule easily.

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