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4/15/2017 William Schecter Excellent service
4/10/2017 Kevin George Great service. In and out quickly. This was for an oil change and windshield wiper replacement. I also do all of my milestone service checks at B&W. They are the best -- 185000 miles and still going strong!!
4/7/2017 Wendy --Jono Owens B & W Service center is the best. The staff is polite and helpful and always willing to take the time to explain exactly what is needed. The shop is spotless and tidy. I couldn't be happier bringing my car here.
4/7/2017 Clara Guerra This is the fastest services I ever have. Price is very reasonable. Great customer services!
4/7/2017 Cathy J Consistent, reliable, good service
3/30/2017 Julie Walcer They are the best. I needed a replacement tire. They did it that day. I didn't have to take time off work.
3/26/2017 Carolyn Hand Easy to schedule an appointment with (even though we had a mix up of the timing requested and the timing given-easily remedied). They were respectful and evaluated my soon-to-be car in a timely fashion. I paid 140.00 for the service and this money would go towards any repairs needed.
3/22/2017 Lindi Salasko Best shop in the city to take your car! Reliable service and fair pricing.
3/21/2017 Construction Calcade We had trouble with one of our trucks for a number of months, it would lose power and not pull a 5th wheel, wouldn't start as if battery was dead etc, we've had many mechanics work on the truck and misdiagnose the problem which cost us a lot of money, we even had the truck in with Chevy Serramonte 3 times and the fault was never correctly diagnosed or repaired. We were recommended B&W by Arch Plumbing, a very professional company we use for our plumbing requirements, just like Arch Plumbing B&W proved to be a very professional and honest company, the diagnosed the fault within hours - faulty fuel pump, and had a new one fitted all within one day. I could not recommend B&W highly enough, a pleasure to do business with !
3/18/2017 Daniel Madrid Total professionals. Brake and Wheel does good work. They stand behind their work. Recently my 15 year old car needed a new battery, tires and a clutch. The work was done promptly. My car now drives like new. Too soon after the big fix I needed to get a car smog checked for CA Registration. Because the battery was changed the stored data was erased. I drove it 100 miles but that was not enough to pass. It needed to be driven more in certain ways. Bill drove my car home and back a certain way. I PASSED MY SMOG TEST THE NEXT DAY!
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