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I agree with the last reviewer. I got turned on to B&W from their ads in Guardian. I've taken all my cars to get oil and brake changes to this shop. I've always had positive experiences with Bill and his staff. I can honestly post that they never took me for ride, there were NEVER any hidden charges, and they were always done on time.


UPDATE 10172006: My Word. B & W is the next best thing to having a brother in the auto repair biz. Why? Because they WATCH your BACK! I was recently expecting a very expensive repair, and when Bill discovered what the problem was, he mentioned that the part looked new and suggested--no, HIGHLY encouraged me to go back to a shop where I had some other work done and make sure that replacing this part wasn't part of what they had done a few months ago. He wanted to make sure he didn't replace a part that had just been replaced. How many times do you experience THAT from a mechanic, HUH? It turns out my very expensive repair was really only a couple of hundred dollars because...get this: I didn't actually need the reapairs I was originally told I needed. They could have totally taken me for a ride. I love, love, LOVE these guys! I've taken my car to them since 2000. I tried someone else that specialized in my type of car, but I came back & I will never stray again. An interesting bit of trivia: They've had this shop over 20 years and are now working on some of their original customers' children's cars. I shouldn't tell anyone, but you know, I really want them to have everything good come to them that possibly can. 'Cause they're the best. B & W Service Center is like a small town auto repair shop in a big city. I trust them. They're fairly priced. They're fast & honest. Not too far from 24th St BART, either.The gazillions of thank you notes & letters of praise they have hanging on the wall next to the service window speaks testaments to how much their customers love them.

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