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B & W Service Center is committed to being actively part of the community.

Fred’s Liquor Store Christmas Lunch for the Homeless


Fred’s Liquor Store Christmas Lunch for the Homeless

SAN FRANCISCO - The Annual Christmas Lunch was started back in 1955 by former owner Fred. For 15 years, Fred served more than 100 sandwiches to the local community on Christmas day. In 1970, the Musa family (Bill and Wayne’s uncle and aunt) bought the store and continued the Annual Christmas Lunch. By 1990, when the Mufarreh family also got inlvolved, the event had grown to over 500 hot plates, serving hand-carved turkey and homemade stuffing. For over 40 years, it has been one of the most rewarding community services we have ever provided.


Friends of the Urban Forest


Friends of the Urban Forest

SAN FRANCISCO - In 2011, Friends of the Urban Forest has primarily worked in the Mission in the Cesar Chavez watershed thanks to funding from the City of San Francisco and the EPA. The area of focus included our sidewalk surrounding the service center. B & W is thrilled and honored to be responsible for the upkeep of this beautiful sidewalk garden.


B & W Service Center is proud of supporting:

  • St. George Church, San Francisco
  • St. Thomas Moore Church, San Francisco
  • St. Cecilia, San Francisco
  • St. Brendan School, San Francisco
  • St. Pauls School, San Francisco
  • Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School, San Francisco
  • Miraloma Nursery, San Francisco
  • Fairmont Elementay, San Francisco
  • Buena Vista Alternative Elementary, San Francisco
  • Hilltop School, San Francisco
  • Synergy School, San Francisco
  • Meadows Elementary School, Millbrae
  • Taylor Middle School, Millbrae
  • Mills High School, Millbrae
  • Franklin Elementary School, Burlingame
  • BIS, Burlingame
  • BHS, Burlingame
  • Notre Dame, Belmont
  • SF Baseball Little League

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