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We Are a Clean and Green Certified Business

Here at B&W Service Center we have been dedicated to keeping our home and neighborhood clean. Today we are proud to announce that we are a “Clean & Green Business” certified by the Department of Health of the City and County of San Francisco. It has been five years since we have made the big leap in making our business as environmentally friendly as possible and we are committed to setting an example for sustainable businesses in the auto repair industry, where environmental concerns may be overlooked, and most importantly the community.

The Clean & Green Program is one of the many Green Business Programs designed to encourage, enable and recognize businesses taking action to prevent pollution and conserve resources. The Clean & Green Program provides industry-specific technical assistance to San Francisco businesses. Through training and workshops the program provides a layout for businesses to build an eco-friendly working environment while reducing their ecological footprint.

Green busines certified

B&W Service Center has taken the initiative in following the program and understanding its basic message of reducing toxic chemicals as well as complying with health standards. The Clean & Green certification reflects the environmentally friendly changes we have made at our shop, which 100% solar run. For years now we have been using water-based cleansers instead of solvents to clean auto parts, such as engine, brakes and transmission. Our employees have trained and learned new ways to make the shop safer and green, from how to handle spills to how to store fluids. We have installed an oil separator in our drain that keeps the oil from the neighborhood’s waterways; an oil recycling company comes twice a year to pump out the oil and dispose of it. Controlling carbon monoxide emissions in the shop is another safety precaution we have taken for the health of our technicians; by connecting a hose to a running car in which clean air is pumped through we can improve the air quality of the shop. Finally, by offering battery recycling and fluid disposal options, our customers can safely dispose of harmful environmental materials at our shop.

We are committed to being one of the greenest auto repair shops in San Francisco and will continue to improve and serve the community with quality and eco-friendly auto repair and maintenance services. The Clean & Green certification provides even more motivation to support the community and help maintain an environmentally friendly neighborhood.

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