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Classic Car Restoration Project: Steffanos’ ‘89 Cushman Truckster

Steffanos, a long-time customer of B&W, is a high-end finish carpenter whose work spans from Pacific Heights to Nob Hill. For years, he used his large Dodge van to get to his job sites, but due to the lack of parking space, he was constantly being forced to park blocks away.

Car restorationCushman Tuckster

About two years ago he decided to purchase a 1989 Cushman Truckster, ending his days of inconvenience and frustration. The Cushman Truckster focuses solely on utility; it holds two passengers and runs up to twenty-six miles per hour. Only 3 ft wide and 8 ft long, Steffanos was finally able to fit it into the small spaces available only for Vespas and smart cars. “Cushmans are classified as motorcycles, therefore I can park perpendicularly to the curb and in motorcycle parking spots.” Not only was Steffanos saving time, but also on gas as the little Truckster gets much better mileage.

Cushman Truckster

Although Steffanos loved his new car, he quickly became worried with its ability to climb the steep hills of San Francisco – an obstacle for any vehicle. On top of this, around a year ago the Truckster’s engine developed a loud noise. Our team initially looked into rebuilding the engine, but quickly realized that in order to get enough power, we had no choice but to replace it. After a week of research, we found the right fit – the engine that would require the least amount of modification in order to keep costs down. Together with Steffanos B&W decided on a 24hp Honda Gas Generator engine to replace the dying OMC 18hp. Since the replacement, Steffanos’ ’89 Cushman Truckster has been giving the hills of San Francisco a run for their money.

“I cannot overstate how wonderful dealing with B&W is… they continue to persevere and have given me the greatest service one could hope for.”

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