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Classic Car Restoration Project: Kim’s ’65 Chevy Nova

Concerned about a loud squeaking and clunking noise on her 1965 Chevy Nova, Kim was referred to B&W Service Center. After a thorough inspection of the suspension and brake systems, our team recommended an upgrade to both systems

Chevy Nova

Suspension System

To improve the handling of the vehicle, we installed a suspension and steering upgrade kit, which included:

  • Front and rear suspension bushings
  • Tie rods inner tie rod and outer tie rod ends
  • Upper and lower ball joints
  • Front coil springs
  • Rear leaf spring bushings
  • Coil springs saddles and bushings
  • Connecting sleeves
  • Upper and lower control arms
  • Upper and lower control arm bushings
  • Idler and pitman arm
  • Rear shackle bushings
  • 4 wheel alignment

Brake System

Upon the completion of the suspensions upgrade, Kim consulted our team regarding the conversion of the brake system from drum to disc. B&W recommended and performed the installation of the SSBS Disc Brake Conversion Kit. The upgrade included:

  • Front rotors, wheel seals, spindle, calipers, brake hoses and brake pads
  • Inner and outer wheel bearings
  • Backing plate
  • Brake master cylinder flush
  • Bleed brake system

The new suspension and brake systems greatly improved control and safety on Kim’s 1965 Chevy Nova.

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