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Classic Car Restoration Project: Bill’s ‘35 Ford Coupe

It all started in 1935, the very first year that Ford began producing fat-fendered cars. Bill’s Ford Coupe was built in this year and has since traveled far and wide to get where it is today.

Ford Coupe

In its long life, the rare 3-window vehicle has avoided all major accidents and has been extremely well preserved, but little else is known about the car’s history. We do know that more than 40 years ago, the Coupe made its way to Allen (Bill’s nephew’s father-in-law) in Chicago. Allen had the intention of restoring it, but his famous restoration projects of old mopeds kept him constantly busy. After 20 years of ownership, Allen and the Ford Coupe moved to California. Bill bought the vehicle 15 years later.

The restoration began 6 years ago with B&W Service Center focusing on mechanical work, Trent Bay Area Customs being responsible for the body work and Finish Line Interior for the interior work.

Ford repiar

So far, the restoration teams have accomplished the following:

  • Bead blasted the entire body using walnut shells (similar to sand blasting)
  • Dipped the body in an acid solution to combat the rust
  • Fabricated new floor pan to replace the old rotted one
  • Began mocking up the interior
Ford CoupeFord Coupe

By now the body work, which includes a TCI Pro Stock Frame, is about 90% done. Upon its completion the all-steel Ford Coupe will be outfitted with A/C, heater, electronic ignition, four-wheel disc brakes, four link suspension, power windows, power brakes, power locks, 1000 amp sound system, push button start, electric door openers, four speed automatic transmission and a 420 HP engine with 450 ft lbs torque.

The restoration is expected to be completed by August 2013.

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