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Classic Car Restoration Project: Anthony’s ’68 Ford Mustang

Long-time customer, Anthony, brought his newly acquired 1968 Mustang to B&W Service Center with two goals:

  1. Improve the car braking system
  2. Inspect the rigid and noisy steering system
Classic car
Classic car restoration

An extensive inspection revealed that the ’68 Mustang, equipped with a powerful 351 V8 engine, needed a couple upgrades. In particular, our team recommended installing a Power Brake Conversion Unit and a new Steering Power Cylinder.

Power Brake Conversion Unit. The car previously had a manual Disc Brakes System that was simply not cutting it any longer. Installing the Power Brake Conversion Unit solved the problem to satisfaction.


Steering Power Cylinder. We found steering fluid leaking from the Steering Power Cylinder, making it difficult to pilot this ’68 Mustang. The new cylinder corrected the problem, allowing the vehicle to navigate turns with ease.

Lastly, our technicians performed a full safety inspection. The car is now in great shape and drives like it just rolled off the showroom floor in 1968.

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