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Car Maintenance Tip 15: Spring and Summer Tips

It is that time of the year when you can put on your flip-flops and hit the road. Admit it, there’s nothing like gathering the whole family for some long needed sunshine traveling. But, don’t let the heat get in the way of your family vacation. What’s worse than cruising along the coast excited to camp at the perfect beach spot when suddenly you find yourself pulled over to the side of the road with a broken-down radiator?

In the hot months of the summer, cars need extra care in order to travel on schedule and safely. When preparing for your summer road trip, checking your car is just as important as bringing your sunscreen. The water stations located at the roadside rest stops, where you may have spotted some old cars engulfed in smoke, is an experience you certainly want to avoid. No matter how new your vehicle is, without the proper summer maintenance your car’s only hope on the road may be that water station.

Spring summer

Your car’s cooling system will be put on overdrive during the spring and summer. So, to help your family travel safely and on schedule, our expert team of technicians has created a checklist to help prepare your car for the hot summer road.

  1. Test the A/C – Make sure air is flowing correctly through the vents of the car. This simple task can make all the difference when stranded in a hot summer traffic jam. Doing so will also help pre-identify any cooling system problems that may be under the hood.
  2. Check all the hoses - Connections should be fitted to the radiator and water pump. Without the proper connection and circulation leaking of coolant may occur and water supply will not be dispersed.
  3. Antifreeze - If your antifreeze hasn’t been changed in 30,000 miles, then it is surely time. New antifreeze prevents corrosion throughout the system, which ultimately keeps the mechanical parts in good working condition.
  4. Water levels – Check the fluid level of the water pump and top it off if necessary. In the unfortunate case that the car overheats and begins to smoke, do not pour water on the radiator as it would make it crack.
  5. Timing belt inspection – Check for any tears or cracks on the belt. As the pull of the timing belt causes the water pump to operate, any problems with the belt will cut off circulation to the coolant.

Follow these tips and chances are we won’t see you stranded on the side of the road this summer.

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