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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Car Maintenance Tip 1: Watch Your Fluid Levels

Car Maintenance Tip 1: Watch Your Fluid Levels

Part of Caring Car Care is being proactive about your vehicle’s maintenance and watching your fluid levels is a perfect way to stay on top of your car’s care. Your vehicle’s oil and filter regularly cools, cleans and lubricates your engine’s vital parts. Many other specially designed fluids are used for the smooth operation and protection of systems and components including automatic and manual transmissions, power steering, brakes, transfer cases and cooling. It is also likely that your vehicle is equipped with a variety of filters including those for the transmission, fuel system, and interior ventilation What to Watch For: Regular oil and filter changes prevent dirt, dust, metallic shavings and other foreign debris from contaminating the motor oil and gumming up the engine. Other fluids require periodic replacement as well. Most automatic transmission failures are heat-related and your automatic transmission fluid can quickly break down when sub ... read more

Welcome to Caring Car Care, B and W’s New Blog

Welcome to Caring Car Care, B&W’s new blog. As part of the Caring Car Care philosophy, we are committed to sharing valuable tips, interesting stories and fun facts with the community on a regular basis. So, we encorage you to come back and check out the blog often. Also, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on topics. Please share them in the comment box below. So, before we dive deep into car repair and car maintenance tips and stories, we would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce ourselves. Who is B&W?We are San Francisco’s most trusted and respected car care facility dedicated to serving of our customers with state-of-the-art auto repair technology allowing us to identify nearly any automotive problem on nearly any vehicle. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service at the lowest possible costs and getting them back on the road in less than one day. We are proud of our industry-leading ... read more

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